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Home / Fathers Day / Andrew and Gabriel

“Being a father is a joy.”


Andrew is a financial consultant and a father of four. Gabriel is his eldest and only son who is a trailblazer doing Digital Partnerships at ONE.

  1. Andrew: Seeing my children grow up and being there for them is the most beautiful and meaningful thing that any father can experience. Seeing and nurturing them to be who they are as individuals and as for Gabriel, he's a man of himself now. He's also a father now and it brings me great satisfaction being there for them.
  2. Andrew: My biggest challenge is late nights at work and not being at home as I miss my children.
  3. Andrew: One word that would best describe being a father is Joy.
  4. Gabriel: Many things I have done as a dad myself are because of my dad and the role model he has always been for me. I grew up in this loving environment and I am very appreciative of my father always being there for me. It’s not easy for him to raise four kids. I have two of my own now and it is already challenging. It is amazing and something I have great respect for.
  5. Gabriel: When it comes to decision-making and as figureheads of each of our households, we are selfless in that position because we know what is right and wrong for our families.
  1. Gabriel: The best word to describe my father is CHAMPION.
  2. Gabriel: The most important thing my dad has taught me is to be myself. No matter the situation, always trust yourself, trust your upbringing and values and you'll be fine.
  3. Andrew: I would say Honor and Respect for individuals and families.

    Gabriel: I would pick the same values as my father and add Integrity as well. It is up to us to be the best that we can be for ourselves and our families.

We’ve asked Gabriel to pick a ONE tee for his dad, Andrew and he chose the ONE Tokyo Logo Tee in black.